It never fails. When I go to place food in the refrigerator here at the station, I'm always uneasy about what I'll find when I open the door.

It's like a science project gone wrong. I think that there are still items in there from former employees.

Everyone likes to use the fridge, but no one really wants to take the responsibility of having to clean it, and that's probably smart thinking on their part, but I can't let it go. I don't want my chicken to make my body react,  like I just ate a half gallon of Activia .

I'm always amazed about what I find when I take on the job.  Could you really not finish the last two bites of your sandwich and felt the need to go back for it later?  And who really wants graham crackers after seven months of "exposure?"

Rest assured fellow employees, the good ol' fridge has again, been "sanitized for your protection;" so feel free to start collecting food again, like a culinary Sanford & Son.

I'll see you again in a month - or two.

After The Cleaning - Dave Lee

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