A memo went out to our staff this afternoon asking everyone to clear out the station refrigerator. 

According to the note:

The food bomb squad is being called in for contamination removal Weds night.  There are items….too numerous to mention…that are dead and dying as I type this message...

You may want to wear leather or electrical gloves when you are taking your stuff home. Workman’s comp does not kick-in while doing this exercise.

One of the staff members wrote back, apologizing for growing penicillin in the frige to supplement his income.

Radio station refrigerator
Kurt Parsons

In all seriousness, this is a pretty common problem around offices. We've all dropped off something at one point or another, then forgot all about it until six or seven months later. It's especially easy to do if you don't use the office refrigerator all that much. Luckily, there's no hideous odor, or cloud of gas, that escapes when the refrigerator door opens...yet. This cleaning may have come at just the right time.

There's a candid look at our station refrigerator. What about yours? What's in your fridge RIGHT NOW that you know is expired? I'm pretty sure I still have a bottle of mustard bought during a the Bush Administration (the second one. I'm not that gross).

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