When men are left alone to solve problems, things like this...happen. A lady shared video of a man who just got himself a Christmas tree. He decided to transport it home in a way only Clark Griswold could completely understand.

There is a reason why this TikTok video is trending online at sites like Digg today. It's the video story of a man with a dilemma. You'll notice that he does 3 things (in correct order) followed by a 4th.

1. He buys a Christmas tree

2. He ties down Christmas tree to top of car

3. He locks himself out of car with the rope

4. Refusing to be denied, he crawls through the car to transport Christmas tree home

There's no confirmation that this happened in Illinois where Clark is from, but it's inspiring none the less. Clark Griswold for the win! (NOTE: some very NSFW commentary in this one)

See if this vehicular moment reminds you of anything...perhaps that you've seen in a movie somewhere.

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Of all the videos I've shared this year, this is the one that most needs a sequel. We must know whether this brave dad got his Christmas tree home safely.

Cousin Eddie is likely shedding a tear of joy somehow over this.

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