If you're looking to move somewhere in Missouri a new report just released to named the cheapest zip codes to live in and the result is not what I thought.

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From lowest to highest the Cenusu Bureau just released where you can afford a house in Missouri without breaking the bank. These results are based on monthly payments and based on mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance, utilities, and condo fees. After all of that is taken into consideration zip code 63675 (Vulcan, Missouri) ranked number 1 with an average cost for a home at $239.

Top 50 Cheapest Zip Codes

  1. 63675 - Vulcan $239/month
  2. 63878 - Tallapoosa $288/month
  3. 65501 - Jadwin $308/month
  4. 64120 - Kansas City $317/month
  5. 63439 - Emden $321/month

So a couple of things in the top 5...Kansas City really? My sister plays WAY over that amount for her apartment. Now could it be that it depends on where in KC you live? I'm sure, but that still seems way low for an average rent/mortgage for KC.

Bottom 50 Cheapest Zip Codes

  • #46 - 64155 Kansas City $1,165/month
  • #47 - 64076 Platte City $1,154/month
  • #48 - 64070 Lone Jack $1,151/month
  • #49 - 63366 O' Fallon $1,149/month
  • #50 - 63303 Saint Charles $1,133/month

OK! There's Kansa City and in looking over the bottom zip codes most of the places are bigger cities surrounding Kansas City and St. Louis. You can see the full list and keep this in mind if you're looking to move this year and want to find that perfect zip code for you and your family.

Locally there are no towns or cities close to the Hannibal/Quincy area that made the list, which surprises me. You would think maybe Palmyra or a smaller town like Canton would make the list, but nope. None.

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