The new year is bringing new laws to the Land of Lincoln, and one of the most important changes coming in 2024 has to do with your paid leave, here is what you need to know!

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According to Crowell, Paid Leave for workers in Illinois will undergo some significant changes including the days being front-loaded, and use-it-or-lose-it policies. In the article, they go on to say...

"Chicago and Illinois will soon join the growing number of states that require employers to provide employees with paid all-purpose leave, rather than, for example, leave that can only be used as paid sick or safe leave...And for the first time, Illinois employers outside of Chicago will be required to provide their employees with up to 40 hours of all-purpose paid leave each year."

Some of the important things to learn from this article are businesses can front-load their employee's time off, they are not required to pay for unused hours (in the city of Chicago they are required), and for every 40 hours you work in Illinois you earn a full 1 hour off (in Chicago the rate is one hour off for every 35 hours worked), to read the complete breakdown, click here!

What is the biggest takeaway from the changes?

For me, the biggest takeaway is that you can use your hours off for anything, the ALL PURPOSE hours off are huge. Employees shouldn't have to just be sick or on vacation to need a day off, the idea of all-purpose time off is fantastic for people who just need a day to relax and recharge or do whatever they want to do without having to have an excuse for not working.

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