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Giant Cheap Margs For Halloween? Yes Please!
I love margaritas! It's my drink of choice when relaxing for the day, and sometimes when I day drink. So, when I saw that Applebee's is having giant margaritas for Halloween, it was like Christmas came early.
Taste of Palmyra Canceled
Another one bites the dust. Just announced on the Palmyra MO Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page, the Taste of Palmyra Festival has been canceled for 2020.
Would You Pay $350 For a PB&J?
I have eaten at some really fancy restaurants, and they have all been amazing. However, none of them offer a $350 peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Do You Agree That This Is Illinois' Most Popular Recipe?
I am not a great cook, but one thing that I have done these past six months is more cooking. I have burned, charred, overcooked, and thrown away so much food it’s sad. However, I can say this, the most popular recipe in Illinois is something that I will NEVER make!

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