Having been born and raised in Missouri, it's not news to me that things are done differently here. But, even I was a little surprised when self-proclaimed internet experts said the best donut in Missouri is a square one.

The "experts" which I'm putting in parenthesis for a reason are from Yelp and they call themselves "elites" which makes it even better. The "elites" declared the best donut in Missouri is from Fresh Donuts in Kansas City and they specialize in square "cronuts" which are basically what would happen if a croissant and a donut had a baby.

To their credit, they do offer Chiefs-themed donuts during the football season. Trying to attract Taylor Swift, are we?

While I tend to be skeptical about internet "best of" or "worst of" lists, I did my own research and Fresh Donuts does have epic Yelp reviews. With 115 reviews as of this writing, they're averaging a near-perfect 5 star rating which isn't common.

Have the "Yelp Elites" really discovered Missouri's best donut is a square? That's debatable, but they do make a good case. Next time I'm in KC land, I'll make it a point to try one myself.

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