When Carrie Underwood, Hillary Lindsey and David Hodges sat down to pen a few songs for 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' they thought their tune 'See You Again' might get picked up by the show's producers. In the end, the crew opted for a different song -- and that worked out just fine for Underwood, who felt that the 'See You Again' lyrics were a perfect fit for her latest album.

"See you again was actually written for 'Chronicles of Narnia,'" Underwood explains in a video interview. "When they asked me if I would be interested in writing for the movie, I got a couple of writer friends together, Hillary Lindsey and David Hodges. And we just wanted to see what we could come up with. It could have been something awesome, or it could have been nothing. We wrote three amazing songs in those four days that we spent writing."

Underwood, Lindsey and Hodges presented their work to the filmmakers, who chose to use 'There's a Place for Us' instead of the other two songs.

"They didn't pass on any of them -- I don't want to be like, 'They said they didn't want it,'" she says, "But just in what they were looking for for the movie, they went with a different [song]."

In the end, it worked in Underwood's favor that the decision makers chose not to use 'See You Again.' The Grammy-winning songstress had already decided that she really wanted to sing the song at some point. She also felt that the 'See You Again' lyrics would fit perfectly on her fourth studio album, 'Blown Away.'

"It just takes a positive spin on moving on out of this life, on death," she adds emphatically. "And it's not the end. In my mind and in my faith and in what I believe, there is a Heaven, there is a God. And we're gonna be there someday."

"I will see you again, oh / This is not where it ends / I will carry you with me, oh / 'Til I see you again," Underwood sings in the chorus.

The song's verses reflect her belief in life after death as well, with lyrics like, "Said goodbye, turned around / And you were gone, gone, gone / Faded into the setting sun, slipped away / But I won’t cry / Cause I know I’ll never be lonely / For you are the stars to me / You are the light I follow."

Underwood is comforted by the thought of being reunited with her loved ones in the afterlife, but she still struggles when she has to say goodbye to someone close to her.

"Of course, it's very sad to lose someone on Earth. But having that faith that you're going to see them again is such an amazing thing, such a comforting thing, such a happy thing," she reveals.

Underwood isn't one to put too many sad songs on an album. After all, previous hits from 'Blown Away' are empowering female anthems like 'Good Girl' and 'Two Black Cadillacs.' Even though Underwood's 'See You Again' lyrics deal with the painful theme of death, the star finds comfort in the words she sings.

She adds, "I don't like too many sad songs on an album, but this one takes a sad subject and puts this faith-filled, positive spin on it."

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