Do you like party games? Are you a horrible person? Would you like to make some extra cash on the side writing horrible jokes you'd go to hell just for laughing at, let alone come up with? You know what? I'll answer for you. Of course you do, of course you are, and of course you would love to. I've got the job for you.

Cards Against Humanity, the aforementioned party game for horrible people, is hiring freelance writers to come up with phrases for their infamous black and white cards. I'd give you some examples, but given the nature of the game, my best examples aren't what one would call "appropriate for polite company."

You've got a week and a half to come up with a sampling of five black cards, usually the set up to the joke, and 15 white cards, the horrible, terrible, offensive punchline. But you can't write them in tandem. That's not how the game works. You just have to hope magic happens and you've got the goods.

Submissions are due by August 31st, and if you're the lucky chosen one, you'll be added to their pool of writers. Visit the Cards Against Humanity website for some writing tips, and the application form.

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