Every month I get that sheet of coupons in the mail for discounted Burger King sandwiches for both breakfast and lunch. I tend to ignore it, I'm trying to eat healthier. But I do love those because you can find some good deals if you're really craving a Whopper, or crispy chicken thing, or whatever weird portmenteau they're trying to push on us now, like the Mac & Cheetos.

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But if you grabbed one of those coupons for a Buy One Get One (or BOGO, as the kids say) free Croissanwich, you may have been charged MORE for the one you bought, than if you had just bought it by its lonesome.

In the landmark court-case of Anderson v Burger King Corporation (now being adapted for the next season of American Crime Story, starring Dylan McDermott as the Burger King), Anderson found that she was charged $3.19 for the two Croissan'wiches using the BOGO coupon, despite a single Croissan'wich costing only $2.16. To further bombshell this case that not even Jack McCoy could argue his way out of, apparently Anderson's Croissanwiches were modified, meaning they were ordered WITHOUT egg, cheese or meat. So does the BOGO only apply to unmodified Croissan'wiches? Why is it more expensive to remove something? Who will play Anderson in the TV Show (please be Sarah Paulson, she is a national treasure)?

The unfortunate catch of it all is that you need receipts. You gotta show proof you bought the Croissan'wich with the BOGO coupon. Because... you know... you still have those receipts from the Croissan'wich you bought a year an a half ago. Right? RIGHT?! YOU DIDN'T SAVE THE RECEIPTS?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU'RE OUT FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS NOW! YOU DUMB IDIOT! THROWING AWAY THE BURGER KING RECEIPT AS SOON AS YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR BECAUSE HEY, THIS ISN'T A BUSINESS DINNER, THIS WON'T MATTER, IT'S A TWO FOR ONE CROISSAN'WICH! WHY BRING INK AND PAPER INTO THIS?!

Not that I'm bitter or anything. But yeah, if you've got proof, head here to fill out your claim. You could be entitled to $5, or a $2 gift card if you submit a valid claim.

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