This was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make in my professional career. It was not one I made lightly, or without consulting friends, colleagues, family members, even the Pope (he never responded to my tweets, but I still technically asked him). But after 10 years in the radio industry, I feel it's time I step away from this career I've so loved the past decade. November 21st will be the final Morning Drive-In with me and Sam.

To work in radio takes a certain amount of passion, and drive. For the longest time I had that passion. I loved what I do, what I did. Every day. It afforded me the opportunity to be a film critic. I got to go to concerts, interview interesting people, and generally just have a cool job. And that was all well and good for a while. But like all good things, it must come to an end.

My heart was just no longer in it. I didn't have the passion anymore. And like I said, you need a certain amount of passion for the job, or it just doesn't click for anyone. I wasn't able to give you, the listeners, the readers, the morning radio show you deserve. And it's a disservice to my co-host Sam, our DME Ben, and the rest of the staff I work with to not be giving this job my all.

So I took stock of what I could do with my life and my experiences, considered where they could be best applied, and that brings me to the next phase of my life. Fortunately all my travels over the years brought me to Quincy, a town I've grown quite fond of, whose people I've also grown quite fond of. I've made some amazing friends here, and wanted to make sure I stayed here in the community with those friends, and continued to serve the community.

Beginning after Thanksgiving I'll be working at the Oakley Lindsay Center as their new events coordinator, making sure all the fun events I've previously written about continue to excel and entertain. I can't wait to take a more active role in Wingfest, Hair Ball, Rampage Championship Wrestling and any other party, concert or function that will be going on.

I'll still be entertaining you all, just in a different capacity.

It's been a pleasure and a privilege talking with you each and every morning the past two and a half years. I've loved sharing today's best country music with you. And I appreciate that you've accepted my innate weirdness and let me geek out over things. I'll cherish my time at KICK and my time in radio, but like an actor in a long running TV show who just landed a huge movie deal, I must depart. And since this is real life, not a TV show (allegedly), they can't kill me off (also allegedly). I just leave the keys on the counter and call it a day.

Thank you, and it's gonna be a wild final week.

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