It's been a wild year 'round the ole KICK studios. Sam joined me on the morning show a month ago, but we've been having fun on-air, and off, since she came aboard back in January. Here are my favorite, or "Best Of," Brodie & Sam moments.

1 - Sam learning about Canada

It still floors me that she didn't know where Nova Scotia was. And it just snowballs into more and more ridiculousness.

2 - Sam Learning about Burt Bacharach

I promise this isn't just a list about things same is unaware of.

3 - LAZER GUNZ!!!!

One of the first things we clicked on was our mutual nerdery, so when we got lazer guns, we knew there had to be a duel.

4 - Our First of Many Tacos

Sam & I have a long standing love for tacos, and if we're needing lunch, we go for tacos.

5 - The Great 1985 Debate

6 - And the Blooper Reel


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