Lawmakers in Illinois may soon pass a bill that eliminates the need to tip servers and bartenders, but the restaurants and servers are pushing back, why?

According to an article from CBS News, restaurants and servers are encouraging lawmakers NOT to pass the bill that would effectively eliminate the need to tip in the Land of Lincoln.

In the article, they say "A recently introduced measure in Springfield would no longer allow restaurants to pay tipped employees less than minimum wage. Businesses can currently pay $8.40 an hour and use tips to make up the difference so an employee gets at least the state-required $14-an-hour minimum wage." Why would servers and restaurants be against this bill?

The article mentions that restaurants and servers fear massive layoffs, price increases, and closures if this bill passes, to read more about it, click here!

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Should this bill become law?

I will say I don't think this bill is a good idea...I lived in Chicago for years with friends who were servers and bartenders and they loved their jobs because of the opportunity to make big tips, the tips they make could far outweigh working somewhere full-time for $15 an hour. But I do see how this bill would help out the servers who work at less busy, less fancy, less expensive places because they are not serving big meals with big price tags and getting 20% plus on those big bills, the problem is that a lot of those mom and pop restaurants won't be able to employ a lot of servers if they have to pay them higher wages, especially with the rising costs of food in this bad economy. I don't support this bill becoming a law, do you?

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