The GREATEST College Football Game ever will be re-aired tonight watch it with me...

With sports effectively stopping dead in their tracks across the world due to the COVID-19 crisis, ESPN and other networks are turning to classic football, basketball, baseball, and other games to fill in their empty time slots. Tonight on ESPN at 7 pm cst, they will be replaying the (in my opinion) greatest college football game ever, the 2006 Rose Bowl National Championship Game between #1 USC and #2 Texas.

The game is an instant classic feature 3 of college footballs greatest players, USC had won the championship the year before with Heisman winners RB Reggie Bush and QB Matt Leinart. While Texas was lead by QB Vince Young, and Safety Michael Huff. Vince Young leads Texas on a game winning drive, beating the #1 team in their own backyard 41-38.

For all the crazed sports fans like me who are dying for anything sports related I cant stress watching this tonight enough! I remember this game like it was yesterday, I was 16 years old and Texas has always been my favorite college football team (my mom graduated from Texas, and Illinois college football isn't great) lets chat during the game and have fun on Twitter! Follow me @MarkHespen or just click here! 

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