The BEST Burrito I've eaten in Quincy comes from a small, small, trailer.

I have a deep love for Quincy Brewing Company for many reasons; they have incredible stable hand crafted local beers that are always on tap, they drop special brews of unique flavors and types of beer almost every Friday, they are affordable, and the drinking hall/outdoor space is second to none in Quincy. BUT one of the main reasons I love them is that they focus 100% of their time and energy on BEER, they are not a restaurant, and you can bring in a burger from McDonald's or some chips and dip from home to eat while you drink. And best of all is when Quincy Brewing Company brings in a food truck to offer you great eats to pair with their beers.

Once again Quincy Brewing Company is bringing back the excellent Sandra's Authentic Mexican Food Truck to their brewery this Saturday, April 3rd. And if you haven't tried the Burrito from Sandra's then you are really missing out, it is phenomenal, I got the beef burrito and the steak quesadilla the last time Sandra's came to Quincy Brewing Company and I have been dreaming about it ever since, and I do stand by my claim that it is the best burrito I have eaten in my two years of living in Quincy.

SO make plans to go to Quincy Brewing Company this Saturday, all the fun starts at 1pm, and may I suggest paring if you're adventurous like me, stopping by Quincy Brewing Company on Friday evenings as well to try out their new small brew batches. They always release small amounts of new kinds of beer on Fridays but if you wait until Saturday to try them, they are usually gone by then!

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