Baseball has finally made it back into our lives with opening day 2019. I have lived my whole life in Chicago and the Suburbs of Chicago where it is really easy being a Cubs fan. Your biggest worry as a Cubs fan when you live in Chicago is the occasional annoyance of seeing a White Sox hat on the Red Line. But as you know my life has chanced a lot since moving to Quincy in March, and I no longer live a ten minute walk from (the worlds greatest ballpark) Wrigley Field. Now that I am in Cardinal country I definitely don't want to be the guy at the bar who gets a dirty look when I ask "hey, can you turn the Cubs game on?" So I reach out to you, help me find the best Cubs bars in the area.

MY qualifications for this bar where I can watch Cubs games here in the Tri-States is simple.

1.) Cubs have to be the priority, I'm not looking for a place that will occasionally show Cubs games, they have to be a Cubs bar.

2.) Good bar food, I have to be able to snack down on some fries, chicken wings, a burger, or even a hot dog.

3.) Miller Lite.

That is all I need in a place to watch Cubs games this summer. Please hit me up on Twitter @MarkHespen or Instagram @MarkHespen and let me know where I need to go!

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