This story is wild, but apparently, it's true. You'll never guess what this Art Teacher in Missouri was caught on camera doing...Here are the details.

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According to ABC News, a teacher in Missouri was caught on camera poisoning her husband's smoothie. It's a tale as old as time, boy meets girl, they fall in love, and eventually, she attempts to kill him with a poisoned smoothie...In the article on ABC News, they say...

"...(teacher) 37, of Jefferson City, was arrested on Wednesday on a first-degree domestic assault charge, police said...Her husband decided to install a hidden surveillance camera, which on Tuesday captured Scheffer make a smoothie for him in a blender...She allegedly added the contents from a green bowl that contained a root from a bag labeled "lily of the valley" ...Lily of the valley is a "very poisonous" plant that contains numerous cardiac glycosides, which "slow down the heart and cause irregular heart rhythm," according to the National Capital Poison Center."

Why was the husband secretly recording his art teacher wife? The article mentions how he had previously at the end of 2023 had drinks from her that made him feel nausea, blurred vision, and fatigue. He confronted her about these previous drinks and she said she had PEED in the smoothies....... ya, that was her defense...So he set up a secret camera and caught her in the act, read the full story here! 

(I would also add that these crimes are just allegations at this point, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, which is why I chose to leave out the woman's name from this article)

Is she the Worst Teacher in Missouri?

I don't know if she is...The article never mentions anything about her being hated by her students or being a bad teacher. So in fairness to her, she may be a great teacher, but she is a really bad wife.

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