A new report is coming out about how the inmates at prisons in Missouri are "fed up" with the food they are being served. What exactly are they frustrated over, and should the state make changes to help them?

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According to The Kansas City Beacon, there are inmates in the Show-Me State who are not happy with the food they are being served while they serve time for doing the crime. What exactly is the complaint?  The Beacon says...

"They say they’re served portions they consider too small and unappetizing. In some places, they say they don’t get so much as salt and pepper to season it. Many skip what the prison dishes up and spend what little money they can earn at prison jobs or cajole from their families on things like honey buns and bags of cooked chicken purchased in a commissary...In January, Gov. Mike Parson signed the state to a five-year, $45.7 million contract with nationwide food and concessions provider Aramark."

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The article goes on to mention how state prisoners actually do grow fresh food in gardens but that food is then sent to local charities and they see very little of it. Let's be honest... I'm sure prison food isn't great, and I get why the prisoners complain they have no other options, but what are they expecting? Make sure they have some salt and pepper but beyond that, what other lengths should the state go to to make sure they are getting gourmet meals? In my opinion, the good that can come of this story is that you should think twice before committing a crime in Missouri because the food stinks in prison, and hopefully that will deter some would-be wrongdoers from doing wrong.

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