Amazon just released their hottest toys list for the upcoming holiday, and if my girls see this I am going to have to get three extra jobs.

Trust me, I like these lists it gives me some idea on what to get my girls this holiday season, but can we all agree that paying over $100 for a plastic Barbie house is a bit much. Maybe I'm just cautious on what I get my girls for Christmas, and yes, I had a Barbie Dream House when I was a kid, but holy smokes that's a lot of money for a doll house (which my kids have three already).

Well, according to Amazon, the top toys this year are anything with Baby Yoda on it. Games, dolls, small figures, anything that has that cute little green face is a BIG hit this year. Friends, seems to be a popular game and even LEGO has a Friends set.

Is it a coincident that this list is release right before Amazon Prime Days? I don't think so at all!

Amazon's Top Toy List For 2020

There are ove 100 toys that make Amazons list this year, here are a few just to get you started. Like I said, we all are gonna new a few more jobs to pay for it all, but our kids are worth it. Right?

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