Honestly I am sick and tired of the NFL changing this, why are they making life more difficult for fans?

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I get it I'm only 30 years old so when I say "I miss the good old days" that doesn't really mean as much as someone who has been on this earth for 70 plus years, but with how things have changed in just a short amount of time, you don't need to be old to miss the good old days of watching football.

The NFL announced today that they are starting a year early on their deal with Amazon Prime to stream all the Thursday Night Football games exclusively on their platform this upcoming season, according to the best NFL reporter ESPN's Adam Schefter's Facebook page saying...

" NFL’s Thursday Night Football package now will be streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime starting with the 2022 season compared to the 2023 season that it was supposed to begin."

So there you go... If you want to watch your team play on Thursday Night future for the foreseeable future you got to pony up big bucks to the richest company in the world Amazon.

I get it the NFL is a business, and they have THE hottest commodity in the live television world, so they should sell to the highest bidder, but I personally hate streaming games. I am one of the few millennials left that hasn't cut the cord because I don't want internet streaming to ruin my sports watching. I miss the good old days when I could just pick up my remote and turn on the channel to FOX or CBS or NBC and watch the game, but it looks like those days are numbered.

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