Spring is the time we will get to see new animal babies being born, and one Illinois zoo is showing off an adorable baby prehensile-tailed porcupine.

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The Brookfield Zoo just introduced its brand new porcupine, which has still yet to be named. The cute little animal (not sure if it's a boy or a girl) was born on March 19 and is being taken care of by the zoo staff. According to the Brookfield Zoo Facebook page, the momma porcupine was not taking care of her baby, so that is when the zoo staff came in and took over the feeding and round-the-clock care of the baby.

I wonder if they will have some sort of contest to name the little one or just name it on their women. either way, the little guy may be cute and cuddly right now but when they start to get the quills or spines, it may not be as fun to hold anymore. These quills or spines take many forms and colors and are embedded in the skin. these shed often with new ones growing in their place.

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