A ranking has come out for the best and worst states to drive in 2023, and Missouri finds itself near the very bottom of the list, why? Well, according to the data used by the ranking a lot of it has to do with safety, read more here...

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Wallethub.com has just released a list they call 2023's Best & Worst States to Drive In and Missouri finds itself ranked 46th on the list. According to the list the only states worst to drive in than Missouri our Hawaii, Washington, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Maryland. On the site they say...

"Road conditions naturally aren’t consistent across the entire country. To identify the states with the most positive driving experiences, WalletHub compared all 50 states across 31 key indicators of a positive commute. Our data set ranges from average gas prices to rush-hour traffic congestion to road quality."

The main reason why Missouri ranks so low on this list is that Missouri is ranked 50th out of 50 in its Safety category. The safety category consists of everything from seatbelt-wearing to car thefts, and even how likely it is for you to hit an animal when you're driving. Missouri ranks 28th in its Cost of Ownership & Maintenence category, 29th in Traffic & Infrastructure, and 15th in the Access to Vehicles & Maintenance category. To see the full rankings for yourself click here!

For our listeners in other parts of the Tri-States, Illinois ranks a very high 13th on the list with a high 8th ranking in safety, and Iowa actually comes in 1st place on the list barely edging out Georgia.

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