Driving in any big city can be awful, but driving in Chicago is worst than driving in almost every other city in the US. See why Chicago got ranked one of the 5 worst cities to drive in  2022.

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Wallethub.com came out with a ranking of 2022's Best & Worst Cities to Drive in, and Chicago makes the top 5 worst cities to drive in this year. Officially, WalletHub ranked the top 100 most populated cities in the US from 1 to 100, the closer you are to the top the easier it is to drive in your city, Chicago ranked 96th out of 100. The only cities worse than Chicago were San Fransico, Oakland, Detroit, and in last place...Philadelphia.

So why is it so bad to drive in Chicago? WalletHub ranks the cities on 4 different factors, Safety, Traffic & infrastructure, Cost of Ownership, and Access to Cars and Maintenance. Chicago ranks 99th in Traffic, and 93rd in Cost, but it does rank 52nd in Safety.

What are the best cities for driving? Raleigh, North Carolina takes the top spot followed by Plano and Corpus Christy, Texas. To see the full list of cities for yourself just click here!

I lived in Chicago for 5 years, I drove around that city all 5 years I lived there and I will say it is awful. 99% of the grey hairs I have on my head are from trying to navigate traffic in and around downtown Chicago. You'd think because it is a city of one-way streets that would be helpful but no, it makes everything more frustrating. Chicago definitely belongs at this place on this list.

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