Missouri is filled with a bunch of great cities to explore with friends and family. So you'll be shocked to find out one of the cities that people absolutely love in Missouri made a travel website list of  "The Worst Cities in the United States" ...

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Kansas City, Missouri ended up on thegetaway.com's list of The Worst Cities in the United States. Kansas City comes in at 6th on the list behind cities like Detroit, Florida City, Florida, and Monroe, Louisianna. So why on Earth does a great city like Kansas City make this list of worst cities? On the site they say...

"It may seem odd that Kansas City is on this list as it is a large city that often receives praise... The violent crime rate in the city is over 200% higher than the rest of the state, and its property crime rate was almost 60% higher. In addition, entertainment surveys found that Kansas City had little to offer in the way of entertainment, receiving a ranking of 111 out of the tested 182 cities."

Some of the other cities that make this list include, Baltimore, Flint, Michigan, and Bridgeport, Connecticut, to see the full list for yourself just click here!

To be completely honest, I was shocked when I saw Kansas City on this list. Yes, Kansas City isn't perfect but it doesn't deserve to be ranked among the 10 worst cities in America. And frankly, you know my love for Detroit, Detroit doesn't belong on this list either! Which cities do you think should actually be on the list fo the worst in the US?

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