What is a "Swatting" Incident? It happened at a school in Illinois and they are happening more and more frequently across the country. Swatting is illegal, here is what you and your kids need to know about Swatting incidents...

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According to NBC Chicago, the police were called to a suburban Chicagoland school after a "Swatting" incident. My first thought of course was..."what is a swatting incident?" On their site they say...

"swatting is “a term that refers to filing a false report with the aim of stoking chaos and proving a large law enforcement response.” These false reports often include threats of violence that require an immediate emergency response. Unfortunately, swatting has impacted many school districts in Illinois and nationwide. Swatting is illegal. It strains valuable law enforcement resources. It creates unnecessary panic within communities. And it has significant consequences for the responsible parties."

This incident happened recently at Dundee Crown High School in Carpentersville, IL and to read more about it click here!

So basically it is making a a false claim of violence, and in today's world with mass shootings happening all too regularly, this is a very dumb, stupid, and horrible thing to do. I am glad to hear that the state of Illinois takes these swatting incidents seriously and charges the people who make the false claims. I would say it is EXTREMELY important for parents with kids in school to make sure they know how awful of a thing this is to do, and how you can serve real jail time for something like this. Kids need to know this isn't just some "prank" that if you do this you will pay for it. I would also add that it is important not to scare kids away from making a report or contacting the police if they feel there is REAL danger happening or about to happen, but falsely reporting something and creating a swatting situation for clout, or social media views, is very illegal.

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