When you drive around town, you see a lot of restaurants. Mostly burgers. Several Mexican places. Quite a few pizza joints. A handful of combo Mexican/Pizza places, which doesn't QUITE make sense to this non-native Quincyan, but I'll be damned if it doesn't totally work. But you don't see a lot of Greek places. Just the one, Greek To Me on north 24th (and it's so good, if you've been meaning to go but just haven't yet, I highly recommend it). But soon we'll have 2nd option, the Little Greek Fresh Grill chain is coming to Quincy in November.

According to the Herald Whig, actual native Quincyan Scott Smith had the similar thought that it's a lot of the same, so he thought he'd bring a taste of Greece to Broadway, going in on Broadway in the Quincy Commons, across from the old K-Mart building. The address listed is 3726 Broadway, so it looks like it's going in between Star Nail & Spa and Cato Fashions.

Quincy Commons is starting to fill back up, with Quincy Bookstore leaving the mall and heading to the storefront in between Cato and Hobby Lobby. Now they just need something to fill in the old Panera slot, and we'll be good.

I'm looking forward to just a plate full of gyros, feta cheese and way too much baklava!

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