What used to be one of America's great brands has dwindled down to almost nothing. The last Sears store in Illinois recently closed and a visitor provided one final walkthrough.

The Lost Departments YouTube channel dropped this somewhat lonely walk through the last Sears location in the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois right before it closed at the end of November.

As they mention, it first opened in 1971 and enjoyed quite a heyday before Sears bankruptcy declaration a few years ago.

As he mentions during his walkthrough, this was the last Sears location in the Midwest and USA Today listed the rest of the Sears stores and their 2021 closing dates. This Illinois Sears closed November 14.

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Sears used to be a part of true Americana with marching bands performing outside during the holidays in the 1950's to the massive Christmas catalogs my parents would have me look through for gift ideas.

Thriving into the 1980's, do you remember how busy the inside of Sears used to be including the location in Quincy?

Those days are long gone. Economics has not been kind to many of the legacy brands of brick and mortar stores like Sears. They are just one of many that have watched online shopping make them obsolete.

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