When you lose a loved one you trust that the funeral home you are paying thousands of dollars to is treating the remains of that loved one with the utmost respect and care, the opposite was happening at a funeral home in a small town in Illinois. Warning the details are disturbing...

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I saw this story and couldn't believe what I was reading... According to NPR Illinois, a funeral home director (I'm leaving the name out, you can find the name of the funeral home and the director in the link below) of a funeral home in small Carlinville, IL, is under investigation for serious accusations. Before I go any further, I want to say...

This situation is under investigation, and all parties are innocent until proven guilty.

In the article, NPR says...

"While trying to assist a local family with retrieving cremated remains in March, Morgan County Coroner Marcy Patterson found the unrefrigerated corpse in the embalming room of Heinz Funeral Home...On Sept. 28, Allmon called the Carlinville police, the Macoupin County coroner and IDFPR representatives to Heinz Funeral Home, where they found three decomposing bodies in the embalming room. All three were unidentifiable without the use of scientific means, such as fingerprinting or dental records."

There is so much more

What you read above is a SMALL sample of what NPR Illinois put together on Heinz Funeral Home. If you read the entire story (to read the entire story, click here!) you will learn about a family that was given the wrong ashes, and they didn't learn they had been given the wrong ashes until they had already spread the majority of the ashes and were wearing the ashes in jewelry...

Can you imagine the horror of learning the ashes you spread out and were wearing around your neck in a necklace were not your husbands but some other stranger...And the horror of being the family who didn't get to spread their loved ones' ashes, or keep them for themselves because their loved one had been sent to that family.


I will just say this, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But if these accusations are true...jail, and I mean jail for a long time. If you can't handle the responsibility that comes with a job like a Funeral Home Director, then you need to quit, not leave bodies decomposing, give people the wrong ashes, and more.

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