Illinois lost a lot of people in the past year, but there were 4 of the top metro areas in the Land of Lincoln which actually gained population, so which four areas in Illinois are on the rise?

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According to the Land of Lincoln suffered some historical population loss between July 2020 and July 2021, over 133,000 people left the state. Now a lot of people just assume that it's just Chicago and Chicagoland losing population but the data on their site says that Peoria, Springfield, Rockford, Decatur, and others were among the major metro areas in Illinois to lose population during that time period. BUT...there were four metro areas in Illinois that gained population during that time, according to, and those areas are.

Bloomington - Had a net gain of 19 people (still counts as a gain!)

Cape Girardeau area - Had a net gain of 218 people

Champaign-Urbana - Had a net gain of 573 people

Elgin (the large western suburb of Chicago) - Had a net gain of 2,190 people

So obviously we all can look at those numbers and say we aren't that impressed but I do think it is important to highlight the towns that are gaining people, and maybe how can Quincy and other smaller Illinois towns follow their lead. One thing that Champaign-Urbana has that Quincy doesn't is the major BIG Ten University, that will always provide stability for that area, but what about Elgin? I grew up very close to Elgin and it has some smaller colleges, but what it really has is a large riverboat casino parked on the river that goes through their historic downtown, maybe that has something to do with Elgin gaining Chicagoans looking to leave the city but stay in close proximity.

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