Fall is finally upon us, and it is without a doubt he BEST of the four seasons, here is why...

1.) FOOTBALL. I shouldn't have to explain any further but I will. Football is America's most popular sport and from Friday nights under the lights at your local high school, to tailgating Saturday morning rooting on your Alma Mater, and ending ever weekend with a Sunday filled with NFL drama. Fall = Football, and Football = Fall. It is a match made in heaven.

2.) The Weather. Now this is something that can be debated, but for me fall weather is perfection. Trust me I love a gorgeous snow fall on a 32 degree day in January, as much as I love a 88 degree summer day on the beach, BUT mid 50's to mid 60's with hoodies and jeans, that's undefeated as far as weather goes. Now I am biased as a larger man, but its my blog so I'm ok with it.

3.) Holidays. 2 of the 3 best holidays on the calendar live within fall.  Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween is the undisputed king of holidays, it's great for kids and amazing for people 21 and over, dressing up, dancing, candy, so good. And Thanksgiving is definitely a top 3 holiday, football, food, family, turkey day is awesome.

This list should be though of as scientific proof that Fall is the best season, but I am always curious to hear why you love or don't love fall. So hit me up on Twitter @MarkHespen and follow me on Instagram @MarkHespen. And happy fall everyone!

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