From education to public safety, and agriculture and labor there are 180 new laws for Illinois that go into effect on January 1, 2023.

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The biggest law change is that of the SAFE-T Act which states:

judges have a heightened discretion to release or detain defendants awaiting trial based on their threat to public safety or likelihood to flee or obstruct justice.

It also requires police officers to increase their training and every single officer will have to have a body camera on them by the year 2025. The new bill changes the way the state's current cash-bail system works for those who can't post bail.

Another new law starting up in 2023 effects changes to employee sick leave. Senate Bill 0645 allows employees to use sick leave for family members (like a child) and still get paid for the day.

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Current and new members of any school board in Illinois will now receive training on “trauma-informed practices.”

The training regarding trauma-informed practices for students and staff required by this section must include information that is relevant to and within the scope of the duties of a school board member.

Every year we all know that there are going to be a few new laws that start in the new year, but 180? How is someone supposed to know all of these "new" laws? I guess the big ones we will all be informed about and the little ones will come. A full list of all 180 new laws can be found here.

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