The new Goodwill store in Quincy opened today (yay!), so I decided to take a stroll through the crowded aisles and see what hand-me-down treasures I could find. Here's what I came up with...

  • 1

    This "Yakety Sax" vinyl

  • 2

    This scary coach clown thing

    This image shall haunt my dreams forever.

    -Coach Clown

    Ben Braun
  • 3

    This Members Only jacket

    Ahh, I see from your excessive number of collar snaps that you are also a member. Welcome aboard.

    Ben Braun
  • 4

    These cat pants

    "I can haz cat pantz? Paw-leeeeez?"

    Buy these cat pants right meow.

    Ben Braun
  • 5

    This VHS copy of "The Mighty Ducks"

    Meet your new coach, kids! An alcoholic and verbally-abusive lawyer who is pretty much here to avoid jailtime and hook up with your moms and teachers. QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

    Ben Braun
  • 6

    This jacket (from our "Summer Collection")

    Does that thing come with batteries?

    Ben Braun
  • 7

    "How I Got This Way" by Regis Philbin

    You sure you don't want to buy this? Is that your final answer?

    Ben Braun
  • 8

    This reference guide to a very complex sport

    And don't worry, NASCAR fans, there are a lot of pictures and very few big words (I kid, I kid).

    Ben Braun
  • 9

    This "iMac for Dummies" book from 1998

    I do have one question. What is an "internet"?

    Ben Braun
  • 10

    This "Holy Cow" Mug

    (An artist's rendering, anyway)

    Okay, funny story. There was this mug with a hole in it with some cow spots and what not and it said "Holy Cow". Cute, right? As I was lining up to take a picture of it, a lady picked it up and walked off.

    So here's what it would have looked like.

    Ben Braun
  • 11

    This All-American Brooks & Dunn T-Shirt

    "Only in America" indeed! Aww, why so blue, Brooks?

    Ben Braun
  • 12

    This Shake Weight

    What's everybody looking at? I'm exercising.

    Ben Braun
  • 13

    This Hooters glass

    Still not as suggestive as the Shake Weight.

    Ben Braun