Heartbreaking video shows just how important tipping is in the United States.

It's not often that I get angry just scrolling through Facebook, most of the stuff I follow is sports related and I try to use Facebook to connect with people as opposed to just following things to get angry at. BUT I saw this video the other day on a website ladbible.com and I got so angry, I haven't stopped thinking about it. Fair warning the video is of a pizza delivery person who has hit an emotional breakdown point, and is hard to watch for some.

To see the video and the article on ladbible.com CLICK HERE... Now if you have seen it the guy clearly is at a breaking point he says he was standing in the rain for 5 mins and was not tipped. There are many layers to what I think about this video, but I think it boils down to this one simple thing for me...

If you go to a restaurant with a server, a bar with a bartender, or order food that is delivered TIP.

Tip all those people.

My sister worked as a bartender in Northern England when she was in grad school there, she would say to me all the time it is nice getting paid a full wage and not having to worry about tips. BUT in the United States it's different... restaurants, bars, delivery services don't pay those workers full wages (for the most part, there are exceptions like Maid Rite here in Quincy, it still feels weird for me not to tip when I go there). These workers rely on tips, they need tips, especially during a pandemic. If you yourself can't afford to tip even the bare minimum of 10% on a delivery, or a meal at a restaurant, or a beer at a bar you order, then don't go out/order out.

There are exceptions of course, I understand there are always exceptions to the rule. But tipping is BUILT IN to our culture, just like tipping is NOT built in to other cultures like England, so please support local, and don't be the person who doesn't tip, it's not cool.

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