Why not charge your car while you shop? Walmart is making that a reality and it makes a ton of sense for Walmart and electric car drivers...

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According to a new report on NBC Chicago, Walmart will soon launch thousands of electric car charging stations in their parking lots nationwide. In the article they say...

"Walmart announced Thursday it plans to add electric vehicle charging stations to thousands of U.S. stores by 2030...The company announced it would expand its EV fast-charging network to Walmart and Sam's Club locations across the country, adding to the nearly 1,300 EV stations currently in operation at 280 of the company's locations... The company expects an average of four chargers to be installed at each participating store..."

To read more about Walmart adding charging stations click here!

THIS may make me buy an electric vehicle sooner rather than later... What a brilliant idea from Walmart that I am sure many other retailers will steal and follow Walmart's lead. One of the big struggles with electric vehicles is the idea that you have to wait 30 or more mins to get a full charge compared to filling up your gas tank in 3 mins and driving off. But think about how long you spend in Walmart, you can park your car charge it up, and get all your shopping done at the same time. And think about being on a road trip and not wanting to just kill time at a gas station charging your electric vehicle, there are Walmarts across the country, you could charge up and stretch your legs at the same time! I have been strongly skeptical of the electric car revolution but this is a brilliant idea to help make the electric car more convenient and have people commit to shopping at their stores, whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise.

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