Dude, how great is The Big Lebowski? It's a fantastic blend of smart, dark humor and classic film noir mysteries, dude. It's endlessly quotable, and a lot of fun to sit around and dissect, dude. And, dude, who doesn't love a good White Russian? Coming up in November, you can celebrate the film's 20th anniversary by watching the film alongside one of the film's stars, St. Louis' own John Goodman.

On Friday, November 2nd, the St. Louis International Film Festival will present Goodman with a Lifetime Achievement Award, host a Q&A session moderated by St. Louis broadcaster John Carney, and audiences will be treated to a screening of The Big Lebowski.

Now, while the website does say the event is already sold out, I'd definitely say keep an eye on it just in case tickets DO open up, as does happen from time to time. It's a once in a lifetime chance to watch a great film alongside one of the stars, who happens to be a great actor.

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