For decades, the Monopoly tokens have been the Scottish Terrier, Battleship, Boot, Top Hat, Thimble, Wheelbarrow, Car and Iron. There have been a few random odd pieces over the years including a cannon, a train or a bag of money. That doesn't even include all the special editions like Wizard of Oz or Harry Potter. Then four years ago, Hasbro shook things up by replacing the iron with a cat. And now, in 2017, Hasbro is looking to shake things up again. Big time.

Hasbro Announces New Monopoly Playing Figure
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

You can head over to VoteMonopoly, and vote for eight out of 65 Monopoly pieces, including the current eight. Unfortunately the iron is not a dark horse favorite to return.

The eight current tokens in danger of being voted out:

Scottish Terrier, Battleship, Automobile, Top Hat, Thimble, Shoe, Wheelbarrow, and Cat


The new gold candidates include:

Plane, Helicopter, Monster Truck, Rollerskate, Jet Ski, Ducky, Penguin, Wink Face Emoji. Cowboy Hat, Pocket Watch, Mr. Monopoly Emoji, Cellphone, Fire, T-Rex, Computer and a Plane (finally!), among many others

Winky Face Emoji

Please don't vote for the Emojis. Or the Hashtag... Otherwise, I know what I'm voting for. Eight times, if they'll let me:


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