A few months ago, Crayola announced they were retiring the Dandelion yellow crayon from their 24 color sets and above. And we've been sitting on pin silvers and needle greys ever since, waiting for them to announce what color would swoop in to replace it. We finally have our answer: Blue.

It's a new hue of blue that was recently discovered in a chemistry lab accident, which is coincidentally how most supervillains and some superheroes are created. As of now, the new blue hue doesn't have an official name. But they are taking suggestions throughout the month of May at their website. I've already submitted as many Breaking Bad references as I can think of. Some were already in, some were not, but I like to think we've got our bases covered. And I'm holding out hope that we'll see Heisenberg Blue grace our Crayola boxes this fall. But for now... let's remember Dandelion Yellow.

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