If you or a family member has fought cancer, you understand that it really is a fight...on all levels.  Financially, physically, emotionally it's an unrelenting battle.  I know there are people who fortunately don't face this terrible disease who would like to help.  There is a benefit in Hannibal coming up on Saturday, June 16th that will give you the opportunity to help a fighter and her family...fight.

A group of friends in Hannibal have created a group called "Grab It By The Horns" to help the family of Shelia Combs in her battle with cancer.  The event will happen at the National Guard Armory in Hannibal on Saturday, June 16th starting at noon.  It might seem inconsequential to buy tickets for a catfish dinner or participate in a silent auction.  But, truth of the matter is being a part of events like this help the family fight the battles that go along with the terrible reality that is cancer.

The Combs family isn't the first and unfortunately won't be the last to battle cancer.  Please check out the info below and if you can help, thanks.  And, even if you can't, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.  The best thing you can do is pray.