You may remember the Quincy YMCA from the great facilities, or all the great things they do in the community, to the fun classes, or even that time Sam and I failed in the Fit Start challenge back in January. They've now introduced a new challenge that I won't even begin because I know I'll fail. But you probably won't, so you should totally do it. And it's for a great cause here in Quincy.

The Freedom Trail Challenge is a series of timed workouts you can do throughout the month of July. It doesn't cost anything, but they are asking for free will donations to be made for the Great River Honor Flight.

Here's how it works. You go to the YMCA here in Quincy, walk on up to the front desk and say you want to participate in the Freedom Trail Challenge. They'll give you a stop watch, and you time yourself on how long it takes you to complete the following workouts, according to their Facebook event page:

1. 1 mile jog on treadmill
2. 200 feet on Jacob’s Ladder
3. 1 lap of lunges (around track)
4. 50 pull ups (can be assisted or completed on Gravitron)
5. 50 box jumps (box is marked)
6. 50 tri dips
7. 50 burpees w/pushup
8. 50 kettlebell swings (20lbs or more)
9. 50 double arm slams w/battling ropes
10. 50 air squats

Once you complete the workouts, you report your time back to the front desk, and they are using the honor system, so be honest, then your name goes on the board with your time. You can complete the challenge as many times as you like, but they will request additional donations (it's for charity, after all). And there will be prizes for the top times for men, women and youths. For more info, you can check out the event page, the Quincy YMCA website, and make sure you follow Quincy YMCA on Facebook to stay up to date.

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