There is a house in St. Louis that has some of the most famous history in regards to paranormal happenings. While it is a very real place, you really should not go there and I'll explain why.

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First, a brief history. The movie "The Exorcist" was based on real exorcisms (yes, plural) that took place in St. Louis, Missouri in the spring of 1949. There is only one building that was directly involved in that series of exorcisms. It's a real home in a real neighborhood and I won't give the address here. I will share the Zillow listing that was made public for the home 4 years ago when it was on the market if you're curious though.

Rent Post shared the history of this home in their 5 Awesome Properties With Horrifying Secrets article. This was the home where some of the first exorcisms were performed before the priests moved the boy to a hospital.

True Title lists the St. Louis home as one of the 8 most haunted properties in the St. Louis area although ironically they point out there have been no evidences of real hauntings. Strange.

So, it's a real home. Why should no one go there?

I shared this home because it's real and the history it's tied to is notorious. However, it is now owned by a private citizen who I would imagine would rather paranormal sites not share the exact address because that results in people standing on the sidewalk outside or worse gawking in windows.

It's interesting to me that the home NEXT to the Exorcist house is blurred out on Google Street View, but the Exorcist house isn't. Peculiar.

I have no doubt other sources will once again share the exact address, but please respect the people's privacy and don't road trip there.

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