Honestly you couldn't pay me to go to this museum.... Like this is where horror movies start, and end.

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I truly believe that Missouri is home to some of the best museums in the world, I have been to that City Museum in St. Louis and it is fantastic, there is nothing else like it that I can think of! But unfortunately I also now believe that Missouri is home to what could quite possibly be the one of the worst museums in the history of mankind...

It is called "Leila's Hair Museum" and it is located in Independence, Missouri which, if you don't know, is located just outside of Kansas City. I stumbled upon this Leila's Hair Museum on this website called onlyinyourstate.com, and on that website they say this about Leila's Hair Museum...

"Hair wreaths and jewelry were popular during the Victorian period; when bored, wealthy housewives spent a lot of time weaving hair into home decor. The museum contains thousands of examples of this lost art form, which is actually really beautiful. It’s located at 1333 S Noland Road, Independence."

See the pictures for yourself by clicking here! 

Honestly I completely disagree with the description on the website calling the hair weaving artform "really beautiful" because as soon as you know its old human hair, it wouldn't matter to me if it looked like the Mona Lisa because I would still think its creepy as you know what. Would you ever be willing to go check out the hair museum? Or are you creeped out by it like me?

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