This morning, Sam and I asked you what sports team you'd love to work for. Obviously not PLAY for. But work for. Like if Sam and I could go work for the broadcasting department of the Pittsburgh Steelers or LA Dodgers, respectively, we totally would.

We had some varied results, from NASCAR to Golf to the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Red Wings, but as expected the two dominant teams were the Cubs and the Cardinals. Cubs got five votes to the Cardinals' four. There were a handful of St Louis Blues and Kansas City Chiefs votes in there too.

Wrigley Field - Chicago, Illinois
Michael Rose

If you were one of the ones who said you'd work for the Cubs or the Cardinals, you're in luck. Both are hiring! And no, not just seasonal ticket takers or peanut sales executives. Like, legit regular jobs.

The Chicago Cubs, for instance, are in need of Graphic Designers, Payroll Specialists and Media Relations Assistant, among others. Meanwhile, down at Busch Stadium, the Cardinals are looking for Logistics Crew and Athletic Trainers.

If you've got applicable experience, and really want to go after a dream job with your favorite team, why not update the ole resume and go for it. Like Michael Scott said Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

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