A website has ranked how miserable winters are in every state, and apparently, winter is more miserable in Illinois than in Alaska.

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Thrillist.com has come out with their ranking for States with the Worst Winters, and good old Illinois makes it into the top 10 ranked 9th on the list surprisingly ahead of Alaska which comes in at 13th on the list. Why does Illinois rank ahead of Alaska on their list, well on the site they say...

"Chicago winters are notoriously rough (and yes, occasionally Siberia-esque), but the people there have the kind of warm and generous spirit...Downstate things tend not to be quite as bad, other than, you know, the fact that you’re in downstate Illinois."

Thrillist takes a HUGE unnecessary shot at us downstate Illinoians, but I do think they are right when they say that the people of Illinois have a kind of generous spirit about the way we approach winter. When you live in Illinois and deal with winter you don't say things like "the cold is killing me" you say things like "It wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for the wind!" always taking an optimistic approach to horrible winter weather. The states where winter is most miserable according to the site are North Dakota, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Now for our listeners and readers across the river in Missouri, you have no room to really complain about winter according to this list, the list ranks Missouri as the 28th worst winter state saying...

"Missouri is far enough south to generally be removed from the worst of the worst, yet the major metropolitan centers are juuuust far enough north that you can typically count on a few wintry groin punches per season."

This is such a true statement! To see the list for yourself just click here!


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