In case you thought traffic in Kansas City couldn't get any crazier, there's a new video showing a massive wheel of wire that went rogue as it took off down a city street.

The guy who captured the video appears to be an innocent bystander who was just finishing a totally different project when he noticed something in the street that should have been:

I, Donald Boykin, was leaving a customer's house from doing some sheetrock work. As I made it to the corner to enter into the main street, I noticed the 18-wheeler coming up the street with his back door dragging. When it made it halfway up the hill and stopped, the roll of tubing started to rock, and I saw it falling out of the truck. I started recording. No one was injured, and no cars were damaged.

All I can say is wheel of wire guy, you had just one job...

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Special kudos to some Kansas City drivers who were obviously paying close attention to what was going down (literally) around them with some quick reactions. This is a complete upgrade considering the quality of drivers I encountered last time my family traveled in and around KC.

The fact that no one was injured is nothing short of amazing. I'm not sure if that's tubing or networking cable, but you'd have to guess that would have put a big dent in someone's person or life if they had ended up in its path. Whew. A close one.

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