Tis the season to be- NO! IT'S SUMMER! CUT THAT CHRISTMAS CAROL NONSENSE! We haven't even hit fall yet. The NFL season hasn't even officially started. We've still got Halloween and Thanksgiving to get through.

So why are Sam and I jamming out to Christmas tunes in our offices/studios right now? Well, here's the thing. Right around Black Friday, you'll start to notice more Christmas music being played on both KICK and our sister station, Y101. It's not as easy as flipping a switch and calling it a day.

To give you a fun peak behind the curtain, here's what goes into getting Christmas music on the air. During a normal time of year, we're poring over the music logs making sure we're playing the best music and the best mix of music. So one hour isn't ALL Tim McGraw or it isn't heavy on Zac Brown Band while light on Carrie Underwood or anything. For Christmas, we have to take even more into consideration. We have to make sure you're hearing what's new, what's hot, but also great Christmas music. And again... a great MIX of country music. In just a tiny fraction of my song list, I have twelve Let It Snows! Seven Winter Wonderlands! It's insane how many different artists have recorded these songs. But they're all great.

Some people like Garth Brooks' version, some like Martina McBride's, some like Lady Antebellum's. So we want to have them all in the mix. But it's tough making sure we don't run into the Santa Claus is Coming to Town Power Hour accidentally on some random Tuesday afternoon. So because Sam and I want to make sure you have the best Christmas playlist possible, we start planning WAY ahead so we can work out any possible kinks that may arise.

So if you stop by the studios to pick up some concert tickets, and you hear six different versions of Jingle Bell Rock playing, don't worry, you didn't enter into some sort of weird time warped insane asylum. We're just getting a jump on things so we are blind-sided come November.

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