I've long embraced my Scottish heritage. My heritage is a mixture of the Isles, but I pick Scotland to identify with. Fascinating history, beautiful music (I love bagpipes), good food. You can't go wrong with Scotland. I even own and occasionally wear a kilt. I have an "around the house" one and a very nice, special occasion one. That one was tailor made, in my ancestral tartan. One American kilt maker is attempting to "end the tyranny of pants." I think it's high time we join him in the Kilt Revolution. (Kiltvolution?)

As a person who wears both pants and kilts, though not at the same time which would be ridiculous, I can firmly and confidently say that kilts are WAY more comfortable. Pants, when you think about it, are just uncomfortable. They're hot, they're constricting, they're more prone to wear and tear. The kilt keeps everything comfortable, you've got freedom of movement, no tears at the hem (cuff on pants) and obviously no risk of holes in the knees. The obvious is that they keep you cool on warm days, and you'll be glad for that when it's 100 degrees with 90% humidity. But they're surprisingly warm, too. I've worn one in an Upper Michigan winter, I was perfectly fine. Some good, thick, wool socks, and your calves won't even know the difference.

The big question remaining is "What about what's worn underneath?" The answer rests, both literally and figuratively, between you and your kilt. There are hardline traditionalists who insist that free and easy down that road you go, which was part of the mandatory dress code for the Scottish military for many years. Most modern kilt makers, tartan historians, and authorities on the issue, including the former Royal advisor on Highland dress, suggest that for your own modesty, consideration of others, and the cleanliness of the clothing... maybe don't go commando.

"But I'm not Scottish! I don't have a tartan!" you just said out loud. I assume. I don't know, I'm not you. If I was, I wouldn't have said that, because I am in fact Scottish. In this modern era we're living in, it doesn't matter. There are plenty non-tartan kilt designs out there. Even if you do want a tartan, chose one you like, it doesn't have to be "yours." But Utilikilt is by far the closest kilt replacement of pants, with their utilitarian design and comfortable fit.

To make no mention of the fact that pants only became popular by royal decree, first by Henry VIII (who suffered from leg ulcers and didn't want to be the only one covering his legs), then separately by Tsar Peter the Great (Decree of 1701). And those guys are jerks, by most historical accounts

I'm not saying we should replace pants all together. It should of course always be up to whoever to where whatever. But let's follow in the footsteps of Sir Sean Connery, Steven Villegas, Sir Patrick Stewart, and WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper in bringing back the kilt. Also: This guy-