The legendary comedian and SNL fan favorite was spotted in the Land of Lincoln filming. But he wasn't at a studio space in Chicago, he was in a small town, drinking, and singing karaoke, for what exactly?

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Twitter was abuzz this morning about Will Ferrell being spotted in a small town in Illinois, drinking, and singing karaoke, so I went to Google and did some digging and found an article from, and in their article they say...

"The 55-year-old comedian and Emmy award-winning producer was spotted Tuesday at Maquet's Rail House in the central Illinois city of Pekin, with a camera crew in tow. Later in the night, Ferrell posed for selfies at The Basket Case in Peoria, according to a post on the pub's Facebook page. A post from a Basket Case customer says Ferrell sang karaoke, and a photo attached shows Ferrell holding a microphone while the lyrics to "I Got You Babe" are projected behind him."

So why is Will Ferrell in central Illinois...? The article goes on to say...

"According to some restaurant patrons at the Rail House, Ferrell said he is trekking the country filming a road trip documentary — and central Illinois is just his latest stop."

How cool is that?!? Maybe his next stop will be in the Quincy/Hannibal area! I am a huge Will Ferrell fan, I always have been, and if you asked me to create a list of celebrities that I would love to randomly run into at a bar he would be at or near the top of the list. That list would be him, Vince Vaughn, Mike Ditka, Justin Fields, and John Goodman, who would be on your list?

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