Apparently, there is a mermaid in Iowa of all places...Why is it there? And where can you find it?

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The Getaway posted an article called The New Wonders of the American Midwest, and on the list, there are things like Stonehenge made of cars in Nebraska, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in suburban Chicago, but what really caught my eye was the Mermaid fountain in Iowa. The statue is located in Kimballton, Iowa (which is located west of Des Moines) according to Mermaids of Earth, and is a replica of the famous little mermaid statue in Denmark. The Getaway says this about the replica statue...

"One doesn't have to travel to Denmark to see the little mermaid statue. While many are familiar with the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, the Little Mermaid statue in Iowa is a work that has never been duplicated. This statue shows so much of what makes Iowa great. This masterpiece was created by an anonymous artist, who city officials have indicated is welcome to add to their creation at any time."

I just love that there is a tiny town in the middle of western Iowa that has an exact replica of the iconic statue of the little mermaid, who would have ever guessed such a thing? I have said for years and years, small towns across the midwest need to do more things like that, give people a reason to talk about your town, and hopefully visit your town to help grow your economy.

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