We could use a new holiday. I think we deserve it. After the weather over the last two weeks it seems to me every person in the Tri-State area has earned a spot on the beach and an umbrella drink.

To have a holiday become an official observance they (who are "they" by the way?) generally like to have an actual reason. I don't find that necessary. I think taking a day to celebrate that you're stocked up on toilet paper, your dog's vet bill was less than expected or your kid brought home good grades is perfectly acceptable. Here are a few ideas: Yay it's New Haircut Day! There Was No Massive Oil Spill Day! The Pictures of My Newly-Adopted Ferret Turned Out Day (my favorite)!

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

OK, since those aren't likely to get local, state or national government approval, lets try to find a reason they might accept. People! Honoring people usually works for holiday creation. We have Columbus Day, Presidents Day, I've even heard that some people somewhere celebrate something called Casimir Pulaski Day. After 20 years living here I'm still yet to get the story on that one.

I think either George is worthy of having a holiday named for them... Jones or Strait. Didn't Al Gore invent the internet? :) That seems like a pretty big deal. People who rescue abandoned or abused animals do good work. Who started the Humane Society?

The possibilities really are nearly endless. Who is worthy of having a holiday named for them? Who can step up and be the focus of "Joe Blow Day." Hey... now there's an idea! "Joe Blow Day," honoring all the regular Joe's that make up our great country. If "Joe Blow Day" doesn't give every Joe Blow a day to do anything they want then what day would?

Next steps are to contact my congressman and make sure Joe Blow Day is always on a Monday. Joe Blow likes three day weekends.

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