Ahhhh fourth grade. When gym teachers wanted to give you a good baseball experience, but didn't necessarily want to arm you with a baseball bat. Joke's on them, I played baseball in the summer, I had my own bat anyway! Point: Brodie. Hashtag suck it, Coach! But I digress. This is about Kickball. You know, like if baseball and soccer had a very weird baby.

Fortunately you don't have to be an awkward nine year old whose gym class was in the same room as where he eats lunch and has school plays (actual layout of my elementary school, a cafe-gymna-torium) to enjoy the game anymore. You can be an adult, and play on an actual field, with beer involved.

Barney's Tavern is hosting a Kickball Tournament, that we really should be sponsoring as a station, because the marketing materials literally write themselves. KICKball. See?! This tournament is for those of us 18 and older (no beer for the youngest of the teammates, sorry Charlie), costs $250 per team of 10-12. Each team will get $100 in Gems Bucks for concessions. It's Double Elimination all day on Sunday, June 10th at Gems Field, with the winning team taking home a trophy and "serious bragging rights."

According to Barney's manager Adriana Maria, they'll also be partnering with the Humane Society, and the team that brings in the most items off the Humane society wish-list gets an automatic bye round:
Pet food (must be unopened and dropped off before expiration date)
Powdered laundry detergent
Disinfectant wipes
Baby food with meat (for sick cats)
Cage scratchers for cats from StretchandScratch.com
Kuranda dog beds from Kuranda.com
48-inch high exercise pens
Gentle leaders (medium and large sizes)
Kongs (all sizes but especially the larger ones)
Greenie’s Pill Pockets
Newspaper and shredded office paper (must be long strips of shred, not small cross-strips)
Old blankets and towels
Clean plastic shopping bags
Canned tuna in water
Bleach and dish soap
Paper towels and kleenex
Zip-lock bags

For more info, head to the event page set up by Barney's Tavern. If you're already sold on the idea, make sure you sign up at Barney's Tavern ASAP.

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